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told authorities as he was arrested he acted alone and was dropped off by a friend. paul ciancia is still sedated in the hospital after being shot multiple times by police. investigators are getting a better idea of what happened inside terminal 3 from when paul ciancia opened fire till the time he was shot. >> reporter: investigators are still peacing together -- piecing together their time line. he entered at 9:20 a.m. in the morning at terminal 3. he approached the tsa officer and shot him. >> the defendant is alleged to have been walking away from the tsa officer, going up an escalator and then coming back down to return and shoot the wounded officer again. >> reporter: at the top is the security check point. he abandoned two tsa officers and one passenger -- he wounded two tsa officers and one passenger. he made his way into therminal 3 -- therminal 3. -- terminal 3. >> people were running, getting knocked down. there was luggage every. >> reporter: you can see his -- everywhere. >> reporter: you can see he is palt. paul ciancia had five loaded magazines. a host of unspent o
. most terrifying. >> reporter: the gunman is 23- year-old paul ciancia. he has an address in los angeles and his family lives in new jersey. he had material on him expressing anger at the federal government and the tsa in particular. his father reportedly told investigators his son was suicidal. he had tried to file a missing person's report with the lapd. >> we believe at this point that there was a lone shooter. that he acted at least right now, the only person that was armed in this incident. >> reporter: things have started to move now at lax. at 4:00 this afternoon the faa lifted the nationwide ground stop on flights heading to the airport. the airport began the process of resuming normal flight operations through terminals 1 and 2, however, terminal 3 is still closed for the police investigation. reporting live in the newsroom, julie haener, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> police in southern new jersey surrounded the family home of suspect paul ciancia shortly after the shooting. his current address is in los angeles, but his parents still live in new jersey. neighbors were stunned to lea
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2